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NWO Vici Grants

We congratulate the recipients dr. Els Rose and prof. Barbara Oomen with their awarded Vici grants for each 1.5 million Euros. Both researcher are affiliated with CCHR. Prof. Barbara Oomen, who…

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Onderzoek integratie en diversiteit

Bent u op zoek naar recente publicaties, promotieonderzoeken of literatuur over vluchtelingen, migranten en asielzoekers in Nederland? Of wilt u weten wat er is gepubliceerd over integratie en diversiteit? Op…

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PCI Film Series 2017

The Postcolonial Studies Initiative continues its 7th film series in 2017 with a selection of films, shown monthly, that draw on a variety of different contexts in our postcolonial world….

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ERC Consolidator Grants

We’re congratulating the ERC award honorees. The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded 2 Consolidator Grants of each 2 million euros to CCHR Seed Money recipients. The historian and Latinist…

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