Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights


Results Grant Proposals Round February 2016

For the February 2016 round of funding the CCHR selection commission received 12 eligible applications that have been selected for funding. The selected proposals are:


  • Marjolein van den Brink & Christine Quinan – ‘Gender Identity Registration and Human Rights’ 
  • Kiene Brillenburg Wurth – ‘International Conference of American Comparative Literature Association at Utrecht University’
  • Fenella Fleischmann – ‘Seed money for NWO-Vidi and ERC Grant’
  • Judith Keilbach – ‘Workshop geschiedenis-gerelateerde apps’
  • René Koekkoek – ‘Seed money for VENI-scholarship. Repairing historical justice: a global intellectual history’
  • Susanne Knittel & Uğur Ümit Üngör – ‘Conference: Representing Perpetrators of Mass Violence’
  • Koen Leurs – ‘Tentoonstelling Smartphone broekzakarchieven van jeugdige asielzoekers en expats’
  • Brianne McGonigle Leyh – ‘ERC-Starting Grant Application. Socializing Transitional Justice?’
  • Sem de Maagt – ‘Socio-Economic Human Rights: Justification and Distribution’
  • Barbara Oomen & Anya Luscombe – ‘Utrecht University and Eleanor Roosevelt’s legacy’
  • Sandra Ponzanesi – ‘PCI film screenings and public lectures’
  • Berteke Waaldijk & Aurora Perego – ‘ATGENDER Spring conference ‘Spaces of Feminist Learning and Teaching: queering movements, translations and dynamics’’