Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights


Results grant proposal round 1 September 2014

After the first call for funding of 1 September, the CCHR has received a total of 18 eligible applications. The selection commission was very impressed with the quality of the work, and the intentions of scholars to contribute in making CCHR a strong and timely focus area within Utrecht University. A total of 13 proposals have been approved for funding, which are:

  • Ann Rigney – Seminar Series in Transnational Memory Studies 2014-2016
  • Christine Quinan – Gender Surveillance: Trans* Bodies in a Post-9/11 Era of Neoliberalism
  • Congrui Qiao e.a. – Understanding Complementary Institutions in Human Rights Implementation
  • Cristina Grasseni e.a. – Reskilling for Resilience
  • Domitilla Olivieri – VENI proposal following from PhD dissertation Haunted by Reality. Towards a Feminist Study of Documentary Film: Indexicality, Vision and the Artifice
  • Dirk van Miert – The Republic of Letters as the first pan-European civil society
  • Koen Leurs – Digital Passages Migrant Youth Online
  • Ine Gevers – Hacking Habitat
  • Marta Zarzycka – Moving Pictures: a dynamic model for the study of war photographs
  • Mirko Schäfer – Datafication: Civic life in digital age
  • Rick Dolpijn – Conference “Philosophy After Nature”
  • Sandra Ponzanesi – Postcolonial Studies Initiative
  • Sybe de Vries – Europe’s Cultural Hybridity: Paradoxes of European Citizenship