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Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights


31 October 2016
19:00 - 21:30
Film theatre 't Hoogt

Movies & Science: Frame by Frame

In collaboration with the Studium Generale & Movie theatre ’t Hoogt, we will be screening and discussing the film Frame by Frame (Bombach & Scarpelli, 2015).

When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, taking pictures was forbidden. After the regime fell from power in 2001, the ban was lifted, and a photography revolution was born. Frame by Frame follows four Afghan photojournalists as they navigate an emerging and dangerous media landscape, reframing Afghanistan for the world, and for themselves. What is the role of images in times of war and peace? Q&A with prof. Sandra Ponzanesi (Media and Culture Studies, UU).

The film is presented as part of our film series “In the line of fire”, that highlights the connection between freedom and violence. Although they might seem irreconcilable, freedom and violence go hand in hand. Violence is oppressive, but in the battle for freedom you cannot stand on the sidelines or shirk from a fight. Through the films in this series we examine the link between freedom and violence.