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Call for funding deadline February 1, 2015

Participating researchers and PhD students are encouraged to apply for the co-funding of initiatives that straddle at least two research programs. Limited funding (max. € 10,000) is available for personnel replacement costs for the applicants and/or the remuneration of student and research assistants. Only 10% of the requested sum can be used for material costs (travel, hotel accommodations, printing, etc.), according to funding conditions set by Utrecht University. Funding can be requested for conferences, seminars, joint publications or seed money for writing a major NWO or ERC proposal.

Important note: in view of the coordination for matching purposes and the resources applied for, we ask that you first submit your application to and discuss it with the person responsible within your own department (department head, Research Director and/or Director of Education) prior sending it to us.


Grant proposals should meet the following criteria:

1)    The project addresses one or more research lines

2)    The project includes researchers from at least two research programs


Grant proposals contain the following information:

1)    Summary

2)    Project description

3)    Expected aims and output

4)    Time schedule

5)    Detailed budget (incl. co-funding)


Grant proposals do not exceed 3 pages.


Deadline for submission: 1 February 2015

Please submit proposals by e-mail to:

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