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Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights


3 October 2016
19:00 - 21:30
Film theatre ’t Hoogt

Movies and Science: Cartel Land

In collaboration with the Studium Generale & Movie theatre ’t Hoogt, we will be screening and discussing the film Cartel Land (Heinemann, 2015).

The effects of the Mexican drug war are devastating. While government forces are incapable of stopping the murderous cartels, citizens form vigilante groups to uphold the law themselves. In Cartel Land (2015) director Matthew Heinemann follows civilians who on both sides of the Mexican American border join forces in fighting drug crime. Their goal is clear, but their actions seem morally dubious. Where do we draw the line between good and evil? Q&A with dr. Martijn Oosterbaan (Cultural Anthropology, UU).

The film is presented as part of our film series “In the line of fire”, that highlights the connection between freedom and violence. Although they might seem irreconcilable, freedom and violence go hand in hand. Violence is oppressive, but in the battle for freedom you cannot stand on the sidelines or shirk from a fight. Through the films in this series we examine the link between freedom and violence.